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While many home inspection companies are qualified to look at homes, HomePro has become an area leader at providing clear, working definitions on property statuses, problems, and classifications. Eliminating confusion or controversy, our HOMEBOOK system is an authoritative reference on function and home maintenance. With our descriptions of the "what to" and "how to" of repair and maintenance, a prioritized weatherization guide, a buyer's guide for upgrades, and background articles on house problems, our report package leads you to a place of comfort and security. Since 1981, HomePro has led more than 500,000 inspections. At 500 individual inspection points, that means our team of expert inspectors have reviewed over 100 million home details. When it comes to your home and its inspection; and making informed buying, investing, and selling decisions, let our expertise and passion be your partner and guide.

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Looking forward to partnering on another project! Great company, fantastic staff and customer service. (April 2017)
Construction Pros
Great office staff; friendly courteous. Bob was a great inspector and did a fantastic job in explaining the good and what could be better of the house. Will schedule again when we buy our next home! (February 2017)
Del Eier
Very valuable service. Report was detailed, explanation of problems by inspector was concise and understandable. HomePro was highly recommended to me and deserving of my recommendation to all. (June 2016)
M. Thollmein
Tim inspected our home and did a fantastic job in explaining the major and minor points of the house. He reviewed the areas that required the most attention and we were able to gain a better understanding of the home's true condition. Purchasing a home isn't an everyday shopping experience, but a HomePro inspection gave us a much improved assessment for family's investment. Kudos to Tim and the HomePro staff. (March 2015)
J. Macario